Custom Local SEO Services

At WebSeo20, our team understands that every business is unique and different - which means every business has different goals, audience, and a budget. We are taking care of customers every need. You can talk to our experts and let them know what you want exactly. So, it can help to generate Custom Plan with the main services you are looking for. It will be based on the number of locations services. Make a quick call with us, Our SEO Expert will be available to help you find the right service for your business.


A keyword analysis is one of the necessary elements of any SEO Campaign.

Without it, you won’t understand what keywords are vital to your business, what terms your target audience is searching, and what keywords your competition is already targeting.

One of the most important things when implementing a local SEO Campaign is a target local keywords. It includes your town, city, or state’s name to the front end of one of your services so that you can rank for location keywords in your geographic area.

For example, “Best Sporting Company in Singapore”, “Kuala Lumpur Indian Dress Street” or “Doctor Shop in Chandigarh”

All of these examples, include a keyword that shows the location of your business, which will help you rank highly for that specifically.


Google My Business or GMB, is the ultimate tool for local SEO. Without a profile, it will be harder for your business to show up in search engine results pages as a local result. When you have a GMB Profile, users that search a keyword that’s associated with your business will be served a lot of extremely useful information about your business.

Since that information is so easily accessible with GMB listings, potential customers have a higher chance of visiting your storefront.

Some information that’s provided with GMB listings in results pages include:

Average google rating based on reviews

  • Button to website

  • Button for directions

  • Photos of the inside and outside the location

  • Physical address

  • Hours of Operation

  • Website

  • Phone Number

  • FAQs about the business

  • Reviews from other review sites like Facebook, Yellow Pages, and Yelp

  • Popular Times of Operation

  • “People also search for”

  • Reviews

If you have a GMB Profile, all this information will provide in a neat and tidy information card, which is super user-friendly for those looking to visit your business.

When we set up your GMB Profile, we won’t only consider the information to fill. We will also be sure to add the photos and multimedia elements that you provide.

We will also help you to set up categories, your address, and more.


We consider the Local Business Successful, you should be as visible as possible online. That means you are not only showing up when potential customers search for your services over SERPs, but you should be visible in social media too. It includes Business Listing also.

Implementing local optimization on all the platforms allows you to have the highest online visibility and the chance of winning more customers after gaining their trust over SERPs and Social Media.


SEO is a technique, has two main categories. ON Page and OFF Page SEO both are subcategories of the main strategy of SEO that help campaign to reach its potential.

Just like Local SEO has its unique techniques, on-page SEO does as well. Here are a few On-Page SEO tactics that help your local business rank higher in search results:

1. KEYWORD OPTIMIZATION: Keyword Research is most important for every business. It helps to rank your business online and get more customers into your store. The process of On-Page SEO ensures that you have a lot of important, relevant keywords on your site pages.

2. INFORMATIVE CONTENT: Content is King, and it’s true. Without Content, your website pages will not be able to rank because there’s nothing to rank. The creation and implementation of beneficial, informative content give something to Google to crawl the pages. You will automatically rank higher if you follow SEO best practices.

3. INTERESTING PAGE TITLES WITH TARGET KEYWORD: When you rank in results pages, one of the first things users will see is the title tag you have created for your page. If your title tag does not include your keyword, it will not be considered by Google. It doesn’t capture the attention of users. You will get clicks from your potential customers over the website.

4. ALT TAGS TO ALL THE IMAGES: Google is good at everything but it can’t read images and easily determine what they are. That’s why ALT tags are important to tell Google with a short description. ALT tags are images with a description that google can read, and they rely on them to tell them what the photo is and determine if it’s relevant to the particular page. Without ALT tags, photos place consider blank by Google.

5. REGULAR CONTENT UPDATES: If you want Google always consider you first and rank you higher on SERPs. Google loves fresh content, so content strategies like to include a blog on your website are extremely beneficial.

6. ADDRESS ADDED TO CURRENT WEBSITE PAGES: If you want site visitors to have the easiest time possible finding your location, adding your address to current website pages is a must.

7. WEBSITE COPYWRITING WITH LOCALLY OPTIMIZED ITEMS: Remember how earlier we mentioned that content is king? You will get between one and three content pages per quarter that are geared toward locally-optimized keywords, photos, and other multimedia.

8. TITLES AND META DESCRIPTIONS: If you are concerned about catchy title tags and descriptions. We are here to sort your problem. We will write the meta which will help to increase the clicks on your website.

9. ONGOING MONTHLY TRAFFIC REPORTING: Website traffic is what we are looking to increase with local SEO. To ensure that your campaign is headed in the right direction, we will provide you with ongoing monthly traffic reporting.

10. GMB MONTHLY REPORTING: Just like what you want to know about your business traffic, you want to know how your GMB is performing over SERPs.

11. ONGOING MONTHLY CUSTOMERS REVIEWS REPORTING: Reporting is the thing we do carefully, We never want you to stay in the dark, We share everything we notice over the website.

WEBSEO20 helps you to meet your marketing goals with a higher success rate. For this, we have to know about your business, address, phone number, competition, industry, and business objectives. We will assign one of the representatives from our expert team who is eligible for your tasks.